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Inspection’s for Buyers

The pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended for buyers and one of our many home inspection services. During this inspection, a Certified trained home inspector will visually inspect all aspects of the home. Dan will start with the exterior, roof, grounds, garage, inside to inspect all the rooms, windows, doors and everything that is assessable and visible. All major mechanical systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing) will be tested and inspected. When the inspection is completed, you will receive a high quality very detailed .pdf copy sent by email for your records.

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Inspection’s for Sellers

Having your home inspected prior to placing it on the market is a great way to correct any items or disclose any found issues when you list your home. Repairing the items is your best option to help increase the visibility of your home. There are many financial reasons why a home owner will not be able to repair all the issues found during a home inspection. Talk with your Realtor about disclosing the issues and pricing your home to get the best results in selling your home.

Construction Inspections

New construction inspections are performed at the completion of the project and before your final walk through. It is recommended that the inspection be done a week before your final walk through so issues can be addressed. This will ensure that the issues will be completed. When the inspection is completed, you will receive a high quality very detailed .pdf copy sent by email for your records.

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11 Month
Warranty Inspections

The pre-warranty inspection is done 1 month prior to the expiration of the builders 12 month warranty. The purpose is to make sure any repairs, deficiencies; issues are identified and provided to your builder or warranty company prior the expiration. When the inspection is completed, you will receive a high quality very detailed .pdf copy sent by email for your records.

Pressure Test

The purpose of the air pressure test is to make sure there are no leaks in the water supply lines from the water meter up to the service valves. This test does not include any drain lines. The test is usually done on foreclosures when the water has been off through the winter.

Air Compressor

Radon Testing

  • ProSite Radon Measurement Test – $125.00
  • ProSite Radon Test with a Home Inspection – $100.00
  • The US #1 cause of lung cancer is cigarette usage
  • The US #2 cause of lung cancer is radon gas
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Radon gas is the #2 cause of lung cancer; Radon is invisible and comes from the uranium in the ground. Radon testing is easy and only takes 48 hours to get your results. For the most accurate results, we use the RadStar Continuous Radon Monitor by Radon Away Labs, the monitor takes a radon sample every hour for 48 hours and prints out a chart with easy to read three page results. The radon test is the most accurate and fast for a real estate transaction.

Upon retrieving the radon monitor, you will receive the radon results within a few hours. If your results are under 4.0 pCi/L of air then no additional recommendations are needed at this time. If your radon results are above 4.0 pCi/L the EPA recommends the home be mitigated to reduce the levels back down below 4.0 and a target of below 2.0 for safe and peace of mind living. I do not farm out the radon test, I am a Certified Radon Tester and perform my own tests. Please call to schedule a radon test today.

Radon Monitoring System