Home Inspection Services

by Dan Hagman

Dan Hagman portrait

To begin with, my name is Dan Hagman, a certified home inspector. For some time, back in 1974, I was working at a local heating, air conditioning, and plumbing shop in Des Moines. Afterwards I was employed by Northwestern Bell in 1978 to work on the building maintenance crew of 12 men. While there, I helped take care of the heating and air conditioning in telephone buildings.

Additionally, I took care of the boilers, furnaces, 500 ton chillers, chilled water systems, and cooling towers. Likewise, I maintained pneumatic controls, DDC controls, chemicals, and treatment of cooling towers and boilers. In addition, I took care of the plumbing and electrical in the buildings. In short, I have a great passion for the building trades and have been working in these areas all of my life.

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Before I started my Home Inspection business, I had already built a successful residential HVAC business in Des Moines. Similarly, I was a Rheem dealer for 20 years. Since retiring from the telephone company and the HVAC business, I started ProSite Home Inspections. I do this because I want to help people like you reach their goal of home ownership.

My wife Valerie and I have been married for 44 years. Together, we have three children, and eight grandchildren. I am a Saydel Graduate while my wife graduated from Grandview Park Baptist school. Simply put, we have lived in this area all of our lives. I have coached High School Varsity and JV baseball. But now, I am back in the Little League ages with my grandchildren. I love to coach baseball and have, in fact, been coaching for 30 years.

I am a certified Home Inspector through the American Home Inspectors Training Institute, and passed the National Home Inspectors Exam, (NHIE). In addition, I have over 35 years of experience with home inspections in HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing. Choosing the right home inspector is a difficult task and major decision. However, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive my very best. Similarly, you will also receive an easy to read home inspection report upon completion.

Background and Qualifications

  • AHIT Certified (American Home Inspectors Training Institute) AHIT
  • Past the (NHIE) National Home Inspectors Exam

  • 1st Class Stationary Engineers License (Boilers) 35 Years
  • State of Iowa – Master HVAC License (HVAC) License # 08930 25 Years
  • SMA (System Maintenance Administrator)
  • BOMI Building Owners and Managers Institute, 2 year trade school degree (HVAC)
  • 15 years as a Rheem Dealer, Owner and operator of Hagman Heating and Cooling
  • Radon Measurement Certified #RNTST09115

  • Des Moines Association of Realtors (I have access to all lock boxes)
  • Member of Des Moines Preferred Home Inspector List Contract Sale